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This week's TIME Magazine cover

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This week’s international edition of TIME features three different covers. Our readers in Africa will see Alex Perry’s piece on the #KONY2012 debate, and the group of hipsters who are calling for the warlord’s arrest. The piece itself can be found in all of TIME’s issues this week, global and domestic. (Time Photo-Illustration.  Photograph by Adam Pletts—Reuters/Corbis)

Our readers in continental Europe and the South Pacific will see chef Rene Redzepi on the cover. Food writer Lisa Abend calls the Danish poster boy for the local food movement a “Locavore Hero.” This piece also runs in all issues of TIME around the globe this week. (Photograph by Alfredo Caliz—Panos)

In India and Pakistan, TIME’s cover features Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and writer Jyoti Thottam wonders if the leader has what it takes to become Prime Minister of India. (Photograph by Sumit Dayal for TIME)


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