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Proof Copy Editors Are the Smartest People in Any Newsroom

We watched our deputy copy chief Dan Adkison play – and win! – Wednesday’s episode of Jeopardy. Dan, who’s been saving us from typos and other errors for three years, disappeared for a taping of the show in December and has kept the outcome to himself since. “It’s been hard to keep it a secret,” he says. “Reporters are good at getting secrets out of people, and I work with a whole bunch them.” We’re not surprised by his win - after all, copy editors are frequent MVPs of magazine editing, and the TIME staff cheered him on over pizza and beer. Frankly, he made it look easy. “The reason copy editors are good at Jeopardy is because we read so many different things,” he says. “Fifty percent of the catches I make are factual.”

Tune in Thursday for Dan’s second episode, as he returns as the defending champion.


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