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This week's TIME Magazine cover

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For this week’s cover on Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, we hired artist and set designer Megan Caponetto to create an actual stained-glass window—the first such commission for a cover of TIME.

The glass structure, featuring the iconic Moroni angel above a portrait of Romney, measures 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall (the exact proportions of our red border). It took Megan six and a half days to complete and features more than 230 pieces of glass. (Sketch image) Once the sketch was finalized, she began the process by brushing up on her stained glass techniques, shopping for a wide variety of colored glass and practicing how to cut, grind and solder.

Then came five days of non-stop construction on her porch in upstate New York. The work culminated in a photo shoot by Dan Forbes on Tuesday—one day before the cover went to press—in which Dan and Megan experimented with various angles and shades of light.

D.W. Pine and Skye Gurney


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