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This week's TIME Magazine cover

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For this week’s education story, ‘Reinventing College,’ writer Amanda Ripley literally went back to school. Our assignment for the cover was to evoke a classroom feel while highlighting the breadth of our special report. We turned to chalkboard artist Dana Tanamachi, who spent two days crafting the artwork for us.

In Dana’s words:

“I created this piece using a 4x4-ft. portable chalkboard, which I made by painting a smooth piece of plywood with chalkboard paint. Typically I create editorial pieces in my studio in Brooklyn on a large chalk wall and then have them photographed. But I was just about to leave for a two-week trip to Texas and California, so I created a homemade chalkboard and worked out of a friend’s space in Dallas. Then I transported it over to the Foundry Collective studio to have the piece photographed by my friend Paul Wilkes.”

To see more of Dana’s incredible work, visit danatanamachi.com.

D.W. Pine and Skye Gurney


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