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The new issue of TIME features Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the cover story, ‘Chicago Bull.’

Read a preview of the story here.

(Photograph by Mark Seliger for TIME)

The latest issue of TIME, featuring New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and our cover story, ‘THE BOSS’, hits newsstands Friday.

Read the story HERE.

This week, our readers in France will see French President Nicolas Sarkozy on the cover of TIME. New polls suggest Sarkozy may lose France’s presidency. We look at how a globally respected statesman found himself on the verge of defeat at home.

Photograph by Laurent Cipriani—AP

Our second international cover, special to all of continental Africa and the Middle East, features Senegalese music superstar Youssou N’Dour, who has formed a political movement to stop the re-election of President Abdoulaye Wade for a third term. Our Alex Perry sat down with N’Dour to discuss the singer’s political awakening. Of course, all subscribers can read the piece on TIME.com.

One of this week’s international covers features Vladimir Putin, who we’ve dubbed “Russia’s Incredible Shrinking Prime Minister,” a reference to Putin’s loosening grip on power – and an explanation of what that means for the rest of the world. (It will be available to TIME readers in the South Pacific, Asia and most of continental Europe.) 

But the image’s meaning is twofold. More than commentary, it’s also an homage to a duo of past TIME covers featuring President Bill Clinton. He was named ”The Incredible Shrinking President” in 1993 and “The Incredible Shrinking Ex-President” in 2001. 

Next week’s issue featuring President Barack Obama will be available on newsstands Friday.

Can you spot the issue of TIME in this new Rick Perry ad? 

In Iowa last week, Rick Santorum tries on a sweater vest (what else?) surrounded by a ring of reporters, wearing an expression that was described to us as “a complete look of ecstasy.” Our Alex Altman is the skeptical one in the back left of the frame. 

Photo by Lars Tunbjork for TIME

This week’s cover might feel a little familiar. 

The latest issue of TIME (on the right) hits newsstands Friday. Its predecessor (on the left) was released last month.  

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney narrowly won the Iowa caucus yesterday, just a few weeks after he appeared on our cover along side an antagonizing, ”Why Don’t They Like Me?” cover line. White House photographer Brooks Kraft shot the cover image, and was there to capture Romney autographing copies for supporters. 

"Apparently a common occurrence," Kraft says, "as he quickly said "Watch how I handle this!" as he crossed out the "n’t" before signing." 

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