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That was actually the backup dress. I decided to go for the one that was less attention-grabbing.

Actress Angelina Jolie explains her Oscar ensemble during the 10 Questions interview featured in this week’s issue, on newsstands now. 

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re amazing. I love you. When I look at you I see a complex human being with awesome potential but some others will look at you and see a thug. Even if their only evidence is your skin. Their racism relates to larger anxieties and problems in America that you didn’t create. When someone is racist toward you—either because they’ve profiled you or spat some slur or whatever—they are saying they have a problem. They are not speaking about you. They’re speaking about themselves and their deficiencies.

Toure to young black boys after the shooting of Travyon Martin. Read his piece, “How to Stay Alive While Being Black" on TIME.com or in this week’s print issue, on newsstands Friday. 

A superhero without a great villain is like a day without sunshine.

Stan Lee, legendary comic book creator, in his 10 Questions interview inside the latest issue of TIME

Everyone had someone in their family who had been killed. We felt very bad saying “Please help us get out of here. We have lost our friends.” We couldn’t say that, because they had lost everything.

French photographer William Daniels, recalling his escape from Syria after two of the other journalists he was with were killed by the Assad regime. His story is on the cover of this week’s issue of TIME.

One of the first trips I took after becoming editor of TIME was to see Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley. We ­talked about technology and media, about which he was deeply interested and very opinionated. He also lectured me on how I should do my job. He pretty much thought he could do everyone’s job better than they could, and he was probably right. He had definite views about our covers, and I like to think we made the right call with the classic black-and-white image of him that graces this issue. Steve loved simplicity.

TIME managing editor Rick Stengel shares his experience meeting Apple’s Steve Jobs in this week’s letter from the editor

3. Facts of space by use of the name of a state after a town whose state is well known even to morons 3,000 miles distant.

From an original TIME Style Guide, listed under “Offenses” 

I feel as though I had just turned into a piece of public property. It’s really frightening to lose your anonymity at 31.

Jackie Kennedy, January 20, 1961

More: Photos of Jackie Kennedy, up close

On a normal day, we value heroism because it is uncommon. On Sept. 11, we valued heroism because it was everywhere.

If You Want To Humble An Empire,” September 14, 2001 

Terror on this scale is meant to wreck the way we live our lives – make us flinch when a siren sounds, jump when a door slams and think twice before deciding whether we really have to take a plane. If we falter, they win, even if they never plant another bomb.

Mourning in America,” September 24, 2001

Re your comment in the Buckley-Vidal story: George Sanders didn’t divorce me, I divorced him.

-Zsa Zsa Gabor, in a letter to the editors in response to this story

Washington, D.C., 1969

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