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Pope Francis is TIME’s Person of the Year for 2013.

Ten years ago the government built a totally private, anonymous network. Now it’s a haven for criminals. Our new issue explores the secret web: where drugs, porn and murder live online. Read an excerpt now.

(Illustration by Justin Metz for TIME)

Most of the 10 Questions interviews are done in the Manhattan offices of Time, usually because there’s a video. As the person who has the honor of doing the interviews, I get to see who gets a reaction as we walk through the newsroom and who doesn’t.  Because it’s TIME and we don’t have THAT many jocks on staff, the sports figures don’t elicit much of a frisson. Showbiz types, meh, sometimes. But you could really feel it the day Alan Greenspan dropped by for our chat. He’s incredibly spry and his mind is very sharp, but he doesn’t walk very fast. Everybody at TIME—pretty much everybody in Manhattan actually—walks really fast, so a slow walker draws some attention. That and he wore a suit. He’s an interesting guy and a very rigorous thinker. Also he knew Ayn Rand. Read an excerpt of the interview here-Belinda Luscombe, editor at large

(Peter Hapak for TIME)

Britain’s future king has used a long apprenticeship to build a charitable empire. Our new issue takes an exclusive look inside Prince Charles’ world as he quietly takes charge. Read an excerpt now. 

(Photograph by Nadav Kander for TIME)

"Stepping into the populist limelight," he says, "has been quite crazy."

This week, actor Benedict Cumberbatch talks secrets, leaks and Sherlock in TIME magazine. Go behind the scenes of his recent photo shoot here.

Michael Bloomberg wants to be mayor of the world. As time runs out on his days ruling New York City, the billionaire reformer is taking his crusade global. Find our new issue on newsstands today. Read a preview now.

(Photograph by Charles Ommanney / Reportage by Getty Images for TIME)

America must resolve the conflict between knowledge and know-how. TIME’s new cover story looks at what colleges will teach in 2025. Find it on newsstands now.

(Photographs by Peter Hapak for TIME)

The American birthrate is at a record low. What happens when having it all means not having children? This week’s issue of TIME looks at the childfree life. Find it on newsstands Friday. 

Read a preview of the cover story.

(Photo-illustration by Randal Ford for TIME)

The trial has ended, but the repercussions of a Florida teen’s death have only just begun. This week’s issue of TIME looks at life after Trayvon Martin. Find it on newsstands Friday.

Read a preview of the cover story. 

(Photo by Nick Veasey)

This week’s TIME cover story, which is illustrated by the artist-activist Ai Weiwei, examines China’s place in the world.

Read a preview of the story here.

(Art by Ai Weiwei for TIME, Typography by Post Typography)

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